PROMPT General Contracting LLC is a General Contractor in United Arab Emirates, in which PROMPT General Contracting LLC is a pioneer in providing construction solutions in a professional and cost effective manners:

Turnkey Contracting

PROMPT General Contracting LLC provides experienced and knowledgeable professionals to handle all phases of project construction. As a General Contractor, we handle all types and volumes of projects from new construction to renovations. Our project management team provides full coordination throughout all project phases with our field staff, Workers and qualified subcontractors delivering project on schedule with the highest standards of safety, environmental and quality.

Design and Built Solutions

PROMPT General Contracting LLC handles Design-Build projects, in which establishes a direct contract with client to provide for all design aspects related to structural, architectural and electromechanical. PROMPT General Contracting LLC and design personnel, working together as a team, evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately. Value engineering and construction ability are utilized continuously and more effectively when the designers and PROMPT General Contracting LLC work as a team during the entire design process. These steps ultimately save the owner significant amounts of money and time.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering (VE) is a systematic, functional, and creative analysis of a construction requirement to achieve the best functional combination of cost, reliability, and performance, over the life-cycle of products, systems, equipment, facilities, services, and supplies. VE is performed by PROMPT General Contracting LLC team of experience multi-disciplinary professionals and subject specialists, whose discipline and expertise match that required by the construction project. VE is usually performed by the Design Review A-E. The VE Workshop occurs at the 35% Design Stage or earlier.

Infrastructure and civil works construction

PROMPT General Contracting LLC knowledge and expertise extend far beyond construction alone. PROMPT General Contracting LLC is responsible for the development, design, actual realization and maintenance for infrastructural projects. Our projects are essential aspects of daily life: Roads, Substations, stations, multi-store car parks and Power plants. We provide total solutions, from the initial planning phase through to the ultimate operations. As a specialized full-service infrastructure provider, we are also able to provide a high level of customization in every phase of the project chain.

Our extensive expertise enables you to entrust complex projects to a single experienced partner. Projects that others often hesitate to accept. At the same time, we take the environment into account, ensuring that our clients’ primary processes can be performed.